Promoting West Coast Swing Dancing Throughout Northwest Arkansas and Beyond
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About Us

About Us

The Ozark Swing Society (OSS) is dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, and growth of West Coast Swing (or "WCS") in Northwest Arkansas and beyond. West Coast Swing is a smooth, modern form of partnered swing dancing, usually danced to rhythm and blues (R&B) and contemporary "pop" music. We dance to what you probably listen to on the radio! WCS is rooted in "swing" and evolved from Lindy Hop/Jitterbug to reflect changes in popular music, and now it's enjoyed by people all over the world for its focus on partnership and musicality. We founded OSS in 2014 to share the fun and excitement of West Coast Swing and welcome anyone and everyone to come dance.

We Love What We Do

We host dances throughout the year — consult our calendar for schedule— to dance with friends and guests. Come dance West Coast Swing, as well as an occasional Night Club Two Step, Hustle, and Latin to a variety of contemporary, blues, funk, and jazz that has the floor mixed with dancers of all levels and all ages.

Jack & Jill Contests

We occasionally hold Jack & Jill contests throughout the year. We normally schedule them before regional swing events like Tulsa Spring Swing, Tulsa Fall Fling, and Little Rock's "Bop in the Rock" to get people geared up for competitions! Jack & Jill competitions are great to participate in and spectate too! Randomly paired couples dance to randomly selected songs to test their skills as leads and follows.
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That's right -- we LOVE West Coast Swing! New in town and looking for a place to dance? Left something behind at an OSS dance? Interested in getting a copy of a photograph of you dancing? Contact any of the board members or coordinators of the Ozark Swing Society.

OSS Friends & Links

We have several links to neighboring clubs, annual events, and venue listings in other cities.

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Promoting West Coast Swing Dancing Throughout Northwest Arkansas and Beyond